About Us

Sydney Painters Corp is a Sydney based Painting service provider company that provides reliable Painting services in and around Sydney. We have been in the business for around a decade and by providing comprehensive services to all variety of projects, we have acquired decades of expertise in this industry. We have a team of licensed and certified professional painting experts who delivers top-notch painting solutions within any scheduled deadlines.

Sydney Painters Corp is a full house painting service provider and we give our best in each and every project that we receive to meet the requirements. We provide Following services:

Residential Painting Services

Commercial Painting Services

Industrial Painting Services

Strata Painting Services

We are also known for the affordable Protective Coating that lasts longer than your expectation. Sydney Painters Corp features all the resources, spray equipment, safety gear, expert painters, technical team, quality paints, and years of experience, and complete knowledge of all available and trending painting technologies. And by blending all together we guarantee exceptional results!

After hiring us for your project you don’t have to wander here and there for some specialists for other painting related work. Sydney Painters Corp is a one-stop-shop for all your painting needs along with maintenance and repair needs. Meanwhile, we are not here just to sell our products and services. We are here to add wow-factor in your premises where it is your home or office.

We will be happy to share our decade of experience and help you in your strategy, implement, and complete your project. We are also ready for your inputs and following your plan, we can provide the best painting solution for your project. Sydney Painters Corp guarantees your complete satisfaction with our work.

Best Painting Service Provider in and around Sydney

Our Mission

We work with our sole mission to give a new attractive and pleasant look to your home and office or any other site. We are proactively in a quest for innovative but effective ways and solutions to painting. We are creating enterprise-scale benefits while maintaining the value of services and brand along with winning the trust of our customers.

Our Vision

The owner of Sydney Painters Corp realized that the market needs some advanced changes to provide outstanding results by maintaining professionalism and transparent work culture. Then the company came into action with a vision to work with the latest techniques, safe and effective paints, strategies, and solutions to provide a safe, and long-lasting painting service to customers.

Our Goals

At Sydney Painters Corp our one and only goal is to keep you completely satisfied with our painting job. We are packed with resources, quality paints, a responsible team, and knowledge additionally we are confident about the best possible painting services for residential, commercial, industrial, and strata painting projects.

Why Sydney Painters Corp?

There are various reasons to choose us such as our experience, services, and procedure but here are the main reasons which are hard to be ignored.

  • We have more than a decade of experience.
  • We have the requisite license and our painting team members are certified.
  • Our prices are competitive and our services are outstanding.
  • There is no hidden cost or bond.
  • Our painters are very patient and polite, they will be also ready to give their time to understand and address your needs.
  • We are having in-house customer support executive staff and you can contact them by phone or email to answer your inquiries.
  • Our team features a professional color consultation service to assist you and to suggest a better color choice.
  • Before conducting a painting job we will cover, mask, protect, and move things such as furniture, fittings, electronic equipment, decorative items, etc. to protect them and also save effort and your money.

Our transparent and simple Working Procedure

In this long journey, we understood that keeping the process easy is the key to provide the best result. By following simple procedures we get everything covered and our staff manages their responsibilities very well, thus here is our simple process.

  • When you contact us for inquiries or services, our representative will ask some questions related to the location, job, timing, reference, etc.
  • After receiving your request, we will schedule an inspection and our experts will reach the site on the approved time.
  • We will conduct an inspection and our experts will share all the observations and also guide you with all your requirements, product, and other details.
  • After the inspection, we will send you an email with a customized quotation on the same day.
  • You need to check all the details and if approved then we will move to the next step or we will request you to reply back with inquiries and customization you want.

Features of Sydney Painters Corp

Affordable Prices and plans

We can provide services on customized plans and pricing, in this industry, prices of services depend on the size of the area, type of paint, the time required, preparation, and other resources. However, we will provide you with an estimation for the complete job after the inspection. We would also like to mention here that our plans and prices are customizable so make a call and request an inspection.

Protection and Safety

Protection and safety are important in this field so also follow all the safety measurements, and also packed with all the safety gear. With regular training, utilizing technology, and by following in-house WHS safety guidelines and handbooks we take care of the health and safety of our staff, customers, and members of the public.

Effective and Long-lasting Painting Solution

We use quality paints and painting equipment to provide effective and long-lasting Painting Services. Our painting solutions are known for giving an attractive look. Additionally, with proper knowledge of paints and their effectiveness, we make painting solutions that provide a long-lasting result. Our paints don’t fade away easily. That is almost everything about Sydney Painters Corp, now if you are looking for a professional Painting company, then giving us a chance to add wow factor at your premises will be amazing. Thus Make a call and book an inspection today.


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