Commercial Painting Services

We understand the importance of your business and hence provide the best services at reasonable prices, according to your schedule so that no problems are faced in conducting the regular business. Sydney Painters Corp execute all types of commercial painting needs of our clients and provide a wide array of services that include:

Condo & Apartment Painting

Industrial Painting

Retail Painting

Healthcare Painting

Hospitality Painting

School Painting

Why Commercial

Painting is different from regular painting?

Commercial painting can be very complex at times. It is quite different from regular painting jobs and hence should be handled accordingly. Not every painter has the experience of commercial painting but you don’t have to worry. All the painters at Sydney Painting Corp have numerous years of experience and knowledge in the commercial painting industry. We provide regular training to our employees according to the technological advancements in the industry.

All businesses are different and we have the expertise to cater to the needs of all kinds of workplace requirements. We deal with stores, offices, warehouses and other commercial premises providing slip-resisting paint for floors, colour-cohesive paint for offices and fungal and mildew resistant paints for grocery stores. Our motive is to bring your business to life using a practical and beautiful approach to painting.

Commercial Painting Service

Why Sydney Painters Corp?


We are a locally owned company, licensed by all the Australian authorities for the painting jobs.

Experienced Employees

All our employees are handpicked, having years of experience and knowledge in the painting industry.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We provide the services to the fullest and guarantee the satisfaction of our clients every time

High-End Instruments

We use high-end and latest instruments for all types of commercial painting jobs, whether big or small.

Permanent Solution

We believe in executing the task once and for all and hence provide long-lasting services to the clients.

On-time Services

We execute all our services on-time as agreed upon by our clients without any exception.


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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What Commercial Painting Services does Sydney Painting Corp provide?

We provide commercial painting for all the commercial premises across Sydney at economical prices at any time of the year. We specialize in slip-resistant, drywall, rotten wood and eco-friendly paintings. We provide services for businesses including stores, warehouses and offices among others.

What type of paint do you use?

We use the paints of all renowned brands across Australia and abroad including that of Omega Paints, Haymes Paints, Lacnam Paints, and Apco Coatings among others. We provide all kinds of paints, slip-resistant, eco-friendly, safe for foods, low fume and other types of paints according to the premises and the needs of our customers.

How much time and measures do you take to prepare for painting before commencing the paint job?

We start the job after three or four weeks of the estimate or quotation. We also consider the requirements of the client before scheduling the time of commencement. We properly prepare ourselves and the owners for painting before commencing the work. We make sure that everything on your property is protected, we remove the furniture to a safe place, we hand over all the fragile items to the opener for safety and disconnect all the electric items too. Our team of experts work very cautiously to keep you and your property safe from any kinds of damages.

Will paint jobs solve the problem of leaks from my property?

A leak can be present because of a lot of reasons, poor draining from gutters, rusted or damaged window and/or roof flashing, rotted siding or trim work, or damaged roofing among various other reasons. It is very difficult to find the source of the leak without the help of a plumber. The caulking and sealing are a part of the painting job and can resolve the leak issue but such chances are very low if the source of the leak is deep.