DIY or Hire Out: Exterior Painting Service

Exterior Painting Service

Today, we will talk about painting. If you are thinking about painting the exterior of your home, please read through this. We will talk about all the things you need to know that you may or may not find on YouTube. We know what we are talking about as we are Sydney Painters Corp

In the world of home inspection, exterior painting service is the most neglected part. Often, homeowners have their reasons why they do not want to do it on their own. Exterior painting service can pose a threat and safety hazards for the unprofessional. Some of it is that they just do not know how to do it properly. 

Why is painting on the outside so important? It is not just for cosmetic reasons. It can also protect your house from heat and rain prolonging the life of your home. 

Importance of Exterior Painting Service

Painting approaches do not fit all types of surfaces. For most homeowners, exterior paint is not optional – it is a necessity. It protects the home and avoids more costly repairs. It becomes more expensive when the homeowner is behind with painting maintenance as opposed to interior paint. Exterior paint keeps precipitation out from homes. When precipitation intrudes, moisture will destroy the surface.

Especially on wood, moisture will make it expand, and it will rot over time. It will cost a lot of money to cut this out and replace it. 

Most homeowners do not see the importance of painting maintenance. Some homeowners do not have the eye for it or just do not know that they need it urgently. Proper painting maintenance will help homeowners save money from unnecessary repairs. Paints and labour are way cheaper than the cost of repair and replacement of walls or window sills. 

Painting different surfaces

Brick is almost maintenance-free, aside from cleaning it before it is painted. We all know that paint does not last forever. Brick masonry requires a different kind of primer. Before you clean any surface, you need to make sure that it is clean, dry and scrape off anything peeling. It applies to brick, wood, and vinyl. 

When you have to deal with peeling paint, you need to consider that you may be dealing with old homes built around the ’70s where lead paint was widely used. You need to get a lead test before you work on peeling paint. You can also purchase a lead testing kit from paint shops. You need to make sure that you are Hiring Residential Painting experts that are lead certified. Dealing with lead-based paint can be dangerous to you and your neighbourhood. 

Vinyl paint is not as usual as wood and brick painting. Vinyl and metal are being painted because of cosmetic reasons only. There is really no unique advantage of doing so because vinyl is almost maintenance-free. Some paints are specially formulated for vinyl. Not all paints will adhere to vinyl. 

Once you paint vinyl or brick, you have to paint it regularly. Homeowners need to consider the long-term cost of keeping up with the paint once they decide to paint it.

Prepping for External Painting

Exterior surface has to be washed. Washing the surface will remove the moulds, dirt, and dust. You need to make sure that the surface is clean to make sure paint will adhere to the surface. 

Apply the primer once cleaned. Most of the painting mistakes happen during the preparation stage. There are modern paints that come with primer. We find this product ineffective. 

Primer is a combination of light paint and adhesive pigments. The primer binds to the surface for both cosmetics or protection purposes. Blocking the stain is one of the primer jobs. Oil-based primers can stop water stain from the ceiling. The paint protects the primer, and now they work as a system. 

How often do you need to paint your home exterior?

A lot of factors play into it. You need to consider the weather and the place where you live. A lot of it depends on how long the surface has been prepped and the last paint used. Higher-quality paint will give you a more extended period of protection. If you painted your exterior right, we could say ten years. 

Different Paints

There is good, better, and best paint. As you move up the scale, the longer it will last. The reflectivity of the paint also plays into the chemistry. It adds durability to the surface. It will insert a spectrum of finishes from being straight flat. Gloss increases the washability of a surface. 

Semi-gloss are usually used for doors and door frames, baseboards, and all the trims. 

We suggest using gloss paints for the exterior because it is more durable. It is one of the practical reasons a homeowner considers when choosing which kind of paint to use. 

When is it time to paint?

Moisture is subject to gravity. Water goes downwards when it rains. It collects and pulls at the bottom of the window casings and window sills. That is also the reason why the window sills are slanted. Cracks will be the entryway of water. Crack is a good indication that you need to paint. 

When the paint starts to chalk is also a good sign that you need to repaint.  

We want to encourage homeowners to set a time each year and look around their homes. Examine your house and see if it needs repainting. Prevention is better than cure, and this saying goes the same for painting. Please let us know if you have questions about the Exterior painting service as we are more than happy to share our knowledge with you. Drop us a comment below and let us share helpful information to make this world colourful. 

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