We provide a variety of paint options to our clients

All houses are different and thus we provide a variety of paint options to our clients. We execute the task according to the schedule that our client has agreed upon. Experience matters the most, not every painter has what it takes to make a home attractive and lovable. All the painters at Sydney Painters Corp are handpicked by ourselves on the basis of experience and knowledge of the residential painting industry. Our goal is to bring your home to life by putting the best efforts in painting. We are properly accredited with all the Australian authorities for painting jobs across Sydney.

Traditional methods of painting are long gone. We employ the latest technology machines and equipments for painting purposes. We provide regular training to our employees according to the technological advancements in the industry. We provide two types of residential painting services:

Interior Residential Painting Services:

Being an expert in residential painting, we fill the interior of your home with a charismatic charm of its own. We use and recommend the best quality paints for our jobs. We provide outstanding services to the suburban houses and properties as well as apartments too. We value your home and property and thus properly prepare before commencing the job.

Exterior Residential Painting Services

The benefits of painting the exterior of the home are endless. Moreover, the weather conditions of Sydney can be too harsh on the paint. Being a professional in painting services, we ensure that the paint does not peel off easily, there is no blistering, the paint is dirt repellant, there is no chalking of paint, or any other problems. We make sure that the paint lasts for the most time.

Here is what our Clients say about us!

  • The team of the Sydney Painters Corp was very good with their job. They reached my home on the committed time and got me informed with everything. They also provided suggestions to prevent damage to the paint in any way. Hats off to the painters!
  • When I wanted to get my room painted, I was so surprised by their job. Man, they are good! I had never expected that my room could look so cool with the change of the colour on the walls. I am impressed with their job.
  • A representative from Sydney Painting Corp came over to my house to quote the price of the job and to check the situation of my home. I am happy with the work done by him. I loved the service and would recommend them.
  • Wow! Just Wow! The work done by the team of Sydney Painting Corp was perfect. They even cleaned the whole area after the execution. I mean putting so much effort is undoubtedly praiseworthy. Well done.
Residential Painting service

Why Sydney Painters Corp?


We and our employees have years of experience in residential and commercial painting services

On-Time Execution

We execute all the tasks undertaken by the painters within the time agreed upon by our clients.

Advanced Technology

We use latest and advanced technology machines for all kinds of residential painting jobs.

Government Accredited

We are accredited by Australian authorities to undertake the job of painting across Sydney.


We do not discriminate our clients by overcharging them for any of our services and offer to execute the jobs at competitive prices.

Peace of Mind

Once you have hired us for the job you do not have to worry anymore. We guarantee the best services to our clients.


Get A Free Estimate!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I get an estimate over the phone or via email?

The type of our job is quite different from other kinds of services so we would like to meet you in person to get the measurements of the premises as it can not be done over the phone. We would not be able to detail and understand the quality and type of paint job you want for you home so we send a representative to get the detail of your painting area. He will also detail you the price and procedure of the job accordingly. You may miss to detail some of the complexities so we rather like to meet in person. But don’t worry, the process of getting a quotation for the job is free of cost and the meeting only takes around half an hour of your time.

What is the estimate process and how do I prepare for it?

A representative will arrive on your doorstep on the time stated by you. He will walk across your property to get an estimate of the price of the job according to the type of colour, number of coatings, etc. then we will sit down with you to answer your queries and figure out the details. You do not have to do much about it. Our representative will show you the catalogue of the paint clours and will estimate the price according to the texture, colour and type of the paint selected by you.

Are you insured or will my homeowner’s insurance policy cover me in the event something is broken or someone gets hurt?

You do not have to worry about any injuries or damages to your property as all our painters are experts in their job. However, if any case you or your family member(s) do get hurt or any damage is done to the property, then you do not have to worry about it as we have got ourselves and our clients insured for any kind of mishap or accident. Even our workers are insured so you do not have to worry about that too. We show you the insurance documents at the time of quotation for the peace of your mind.

Will the painters clean up the mess created because of the painting job after the execution?

Painting projects can be messy a lot of the times. Your furniture and other items are moved, drop sheets are scattered everywhere, plastic is hanging all over the place and many other problems can be faced by the homeowners. We try to keep such disruptions at a minimum and try our best to at least keep them away from you. But do not worry, we always leave the workplace as we found it. Our painters clean up after the execution of the task for the convince of the clients so that you can use the newly upgraded place readily.