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Sydney Painters Corp is a renowned name in the strata painting business providing high-quality strata painting services at affordable prices. We employ an extensive technique to paint strata of all shapes and sizes. With the help of the unique and innovative ideas of our experts and high-end equipment, we provide out of the league services to our clients. Our boundless ideas can provide painting services that can give a great attitude to your interiors and can protect your exteriors form all kinds of weathers. Our 5-year guarantee on exterior paint from peeling, blistering and flaking, is what makes us reliable and the first choice of the population across Sydney.

We have been licensed and certified all the Australian authorities for the painting job and are a proud winner of numerous awards and certificates in the painting industry. We take pride in all our projects and treat all pour projects whether small or big with the same response and expertise.

Strata Cleaning Services

Our guarantee- A Through Paint Services

Unlike other painters, we implement an 11-step procedure for strata paint jobs to ensure that the paint is everlasting. All the steps are followed with extreme accuracy. Professionalism is everything. The technicians at Sydney Painters Corp always root for professionalism thus clean your place after the completion of the job so that it can be at your disposal right away. If you want a quotation for any kind of job, contact us at your earliest convenience and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

We will send a representative to your place according to your schedule and he will provide you with colour consultations, price quotation and on-site inspections and alternatives for the job. On-time execution with precision is the essence of our work and we stand by it all the time.

Why Sydney Painters Corp

High-tech Solutions

We bring into play the best machines and equipments for different kinds of strata painting job irrespective of the size.

On-Time Guaranteed

On-time execution with precision is the essence of our work and we stand by it all the time for every job.


We do not exploit our customers by overcharging for our services. All the services can be afforded by clients of every class.

Handpicked Employees

All the employees hired by Sydney Painters Corp are handpicked on the basis of the experience and knowledge in the painting industry.


What is the worth of a company without the required permits? We are accredited by all the Australian authorities to provide painting services.

Complete Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is what we seek. We provide our services in the best way possible for your satisfaction.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are you insured or will my regular insurance policy cover me in the event something is broken or someone gets hurt?

Worried about safety measures and insurance, don’t be. We are fully insured and covered for all kinds of mishaps or losses that our clients may face during the job. Our technicians are experts in what they do, but humans can make mistake but we have got you, your family, your property and our experts covered under insurance. All losses will be looked after too by the insurance company and the client is not required to spend a single penny for it.

How do I know you are licensed?

We are properly licensed. You don’t have to believe our word for it. When our representative will be visiting your house for inspection and quotation, he will show you the accreditations and licenses duly obtained by us from different authorities. You do not have to worry about our word for it, the proof will be provided.

Can I leave the site while your painting crew is working?

Yes, all our technicians are reliable and very professional. You can leave the site while the crew member s ar working without any worries. The team will be busy in painting while you are running other errands outside. Our painters will even look after your property if you tell them to while you are gone. There has never been a case of theft or misplacement ever reported by any of our clients.

What kind of paints you use and do you offer warranties for your work?

We use the paint of the trusted and renowned manufactures that have been providing paints to us for a very long time. These manufacturers are one of the leading paint suppliers in Sydney. Suppliers like Omega Paints, Haymes Paints, Lacnam Paints, and Apco Coatings are our paint supplier. We also use the paint as desired by the clients and provide proper warranties for the services provided according to the quality of paint used. We will detail everything during the quotation of the prices.