Birchgrove Painting Services

Are looking for a professional expert in painting in the Birchgrove area? No need to look around, Sydney Painting Corp is the best choice for you.

Sydney Painting Corp is a renowned name in the painting industry that provides all kinds of painting services in and around Sydney, including the area of Birchgrove. We have been in the painting business for years now and have a great experience in leading painting jobs. We provide all painting services demanded by our clients and have an expertise in Residential Painting Services, Commercial Painting Services, Industrial Painting Services and Strata Painting Services.

Your trust is what we seek.

We work for the full satisfaction of our clients without any compromise. We provide what we promised. We provide top-notch services at economical prices. We are local painters and have gained the trust of our clients over the years. What makes us different from others is that we only use the latest technology machine for all kinds of painting jobs irrespective of its size. We procure advanced machines with time for better results in painting services.

No job is big or small. We handle them all.

We show absolute professionalism in every job we do. Whether the project is big or small, our technicians always keep professionalism on the top and provide unmatched services without any problems. Experience is something that can not be ignored. All the employees hired by us have numerous years of experience in the painting industry. We train the painters regularly so that they can cope up with the technological advancements being introduced by time.

Not everybody is sure about painting their property as it can be really messy. If you are having any doubts about the job, contact us. It is not possible for the individual to calculate the pricing of the painting job himself but you do not have to think about it twice. We offer free quotation services to the public. If you want to get an idea about the pricing of the painting job on your property just call us and we will send a representative at your premises who will examine the property. He will ask and recommend the quality and colour of the paint most suitable for your property before quoting the prices.

We make sure that our Painting Services Sydney do not affect your day to day work in any way. Before commencing the job, our technicians make sure that no damages are made to your property. We will cover the furniture and other fixtures properly for safety and clean the area after the execution of the job so that you do not have to put the efforts to clean it.

Why Sydney Painters Corp

Everlasting Services

We provide 5 year or more warranties on our services providing once and for all solutions.


Your time is very precious and we value that. We execute all the said services on the said time avoiding all kinds of delay.


Trust can not be gained if a business is not licensed and hence we have scored proper licenses from different authorities in Australia.


We take pride in being the most trusted painting services provider across Sydney. We are the first choice for all kinds of painting jobs.

Affordable Prices

We do not like to discriminate our clients by overcharging them for our services. We provide quality services at the most affordable prices.

High-tech Solutions

We only employ high tech machines and instruments for all kinds of painting jobs without any compromise.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of painting services do you offer in Birchgrove?

We provide different kinds of painting services and special painting services demanded by our clients in the Birchgrove area. Our wide range of services includes Residential Painting Services, Commercial Painting Services, Industrial Painting Services and Strata Painting Services among various other services

What will be the cost of painting in Bellevue Hill?

The cost of painting job can not be ascertained through a single factor but numerous factors like quality of paint, type of property to be painted, type of paint, the size of the property, etc. are to be kept in mind before deciding the price. But you do not have to worry about getting the quotation as we provide free quotation services on the pricing of paint, you can contact us and we will send a representative at your doorstep at your time who will inspect the area to be painted and your property and will tell you the pricing and the cost of providing painting services.

Are you insured or will my regular insurance policy cover me in the event something is broken or someone gets hurt?

Insurance is very important and we are fully insured and covered for all kinds of mishaps or losses that our clients may face during the job. Our technicians are professionals and expert in everything they do, but being a human, they may make some mistakes unknowingly, but we have got you, your family, your property and our experts covered under insurance. All losses will be looked after too by the insurance company and the client is not required to spend a single penny for it.

What things should I know before hiring a professional painter in Bellevue Hill?

The working of different painting companies is separate from others. Some use different techniques of painting, there is a difference in the cost of painting, there is a difference in the quality of colour and many other differences are present, but before hiring a professional painter you should remember some majors points like the painter is reputed, timely, insured, licensed, estimates the prices beforehand, cleans after executing the job, experience, referrals, etc. All the above-stated qualities are present in Sydney Painters Corp.