Cammeray Painting Services

Looking for a professional painting company in Bellevue Hill? No need to look any further, Sydney Painting Corp is here for you.

Sydney Plumbing Corp is a Sydney based, leading painting company, providing professional painting services in and around Sydney, including the suburb of Cammeray. We have gained years of experience, providing top of the line services in all kinds of painting services. We have an expertise in major painting services including Residential Painting Services, Commercial Painting Services, Industrial Painting Services and Strata Painting Services.

To be trusted is the greatest compliment.

The satisfaction of our clients is our motto and we do everything in our bounds to ensure this. We provide out of the league services at affordable prices that are in the budget of the people of all sections. We use the latest technology equipments to cater to the paining needs of all types and sizes. The high-end technology used provides a better finish and a longlasting paint job. We secure advanced machines from time to time to provide better quality services to our clients.

No job is big or small. We tackle them all.

Our professionalism is unmatched in every job we do irrespective of the size. Our technicians never compromise for professionalism and provide the best services anyone can ever ask for. Experience counts and thus we hire all the painter son the basis of experience and knowledge in the painting industry. Training helps in developing confidence among the employees. We train all the employees regularly so that they can keep up with the technological advancements.

Painting a property is never an impulse decision, trough research is to be done before it. The type of the paint, the cost of the job, the colour of the paint, the texture, scraping requirements and many other factories are to be considered before going for a paint job. Everybody can not ascertain these things on their own, thus we provide a free consultation and quotation services to our clients. You just have to call us and we will send a representative at your doorstep who will check out your property and will quote you the cost of the paint job according to the type and quality of the paint you selected. He will also recommend and suggest you the necessary and beneficial painting requirements. He will be keeping your benefits on the top in the recommendations.

One might think that a lot of chaos will be created during the paint job and the regular work will be disrupted but it is not os. All the technicians at Sydney Painters have been advised to keep the disturbances to a minimum so that it does not affect the regular work of our clients. They will show unmatched professionalism. Your property and furniture are very valuable to us too, hence the painters will ensure their full safety. Before commencing the job, they will cover and/or move the furniture wherever required and won’t use them in any case. They will even clean the premises after the execution of the job so that it is available at your disposal right away.

Why Sydney Painters Corp


A business has no value if licenses are not procured thus we have obtained proper licenses from the Australian authorities.

High-tech Solutions

We bring into play the best machines and high-tech equipments for all kinds of painting jobs.


We provide 5 years or more warranties to our clients for all kinds of paints jobs for their satisfaction.


Both we and our employees have years of experience in different kinds of painting jobs.


We do not discriminate our clients by overcharging them for our services. We charge affordable rates for the services.

Permanent Solution

We complete the job once and for all so that our clients do not have to worry about getting the job done again and again.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of painting services do you offer in Cammeray?

We provide a wider range of painting services including Residential Painting Services, Commercial Painting Services, Industrial Painting Services and Strata Painting Services among various other services demanded by the clients. All the services are executed with precision and complete satisfaction.

What will be the cost of painting in Cammeray?

The cost of painting job can not be ascertained without considering factors like quality of paint, type of property to be painted, type of paint, the size of the property, etc. All these factors are to be kept in mind before ascertaining the price. But you do not have to worry about getting the quotation as we provide free quotation and consultation services for the paint job. All you have to do is contact us and we will send a representative at your doorstep at your time who will inspect the area to be painted and your property and will tell you the pricing and the cost of providing painting services.

Are you insured or will my regular insurance policy cover me in the event something is broken or someone gets hurt?

Insurance can not be ignored. It is very important and thus we have gotten ourselves and our clients fully insured and covered for all kinds of mishaps or losses that our clients may face during the job. There is no doubt in the fact that all the technicians are expert in their jobs but, they may commit some mistakes unwillingly. We have got you, your family, your property and our experts covered under our insurance policies. All losses will be looked after by the insurance company and the client is not required to spend a single penny for it.

What things should I know before hiring a professional painter in Cammeray?

All the painting companies are different from each other. There is a difference in the techniques used for painting, then there is a difference in the cost of painting, there is a difference in the quality of colour and many other differences are present, but some major points are there that should be present every kind of painting company like the reputed painters, timely, insured, licensed, estimates the prices beforehand, cleans after executing the job, experience, referrals, etc. if these factors are not present in the painting company then you should switch to a different painting company.